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    The focus of Visual Globe is to provide structure, planning and foundational data as a crucial starting point to any and all asset audit programs.  Our approach utilizes our revolutionary technology to bring in data sets from any and all parties, map those data sets in our data fusion engine and collectively agree on the baseline of an inventory and audit. Further, each pole and pole assets has a unique deep learning library built to the specific attributes for joint use attachments which allows for AI and feature extraction to maximize historical inventory and inspection data.  By following these guidelines the future cyclical audits and inspections will be streamlined into a mutually agreed upon process saving time, effort and money for years to come.


    Visual Globe offers  utilities the ability to gain access to focused analysis at a scale, complexity and speed not easily achievable with traditional operational reporting or spreadsheet analysis. It allows you to go layers deeper, to look at what could be influencing the changes in your business, and even stay one step ahead of those potential changes to mitigate risk.




















    We take raw data and move it up the ladder to wisdom for actionable intelligence which can can then influence decisions and drive change.