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Projects Delivering 3D Revit CAD Models

For the client projects listed below we provided accurate, 3D models of existing conditions to be used for as-built engineering requirements. The 3D models are Revit compatible, matching all Revit families. 

Oil & Gas

New Mexico Refinery 

Colorado Well Sites


Target Stores


Casino development in New Mexico


Sandia National Labs 

City of Birmingham, Alabama

City of Torrence, California

Historical Preservation

Alma, Colorado Historical Goldmine 

Colorado Well Sites

Alda Indian Mission


New York Subways

LAX Airport

Atlanta Airport

Suez Canal 

Higher Education 

University of Wyoming

University of Utah 


  • Discover and update asset locations 

  • Enable preventative management

  • Operate seamlessly across your organization


  • Generate accurate asset inventory 

  • Keep track of your assets in real time   

  • Provide accurate pricing of facility assets

  • Monitor your assets for regulatory compliance 


  • Asset performance management

  • Regain productivity

  • Coordinating all your assets into a centralized system

  • Data fusing legacy data with structured asset information


  • Geospatially locating all assets in 2D or 3D

  • Identify missing assets through Gap analysis

  • Generate the most comprehensive inventory of assets above and below ground

  • Track your assets for decisions to sell, make Improvements or demolish