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Connecting Unconnected Disparate Data with 3D Visualization



Visual Globe has transcended the boundaries of siloed data communication and asset visualization by developing a platform that connects ALL organizational domains with a common language.....  3D Visual Transparency.  We provide real time views to all facility and physical asset data regardless of source using a fully integrated, intuitive immersive world where you control your environment.


We have developed a SaaS platform by integrating a gaming UI/UX experience with 3D mapping visualization, linked to a data fusion engine reporting current, preventive and predictive analytics.  The result is the ability to transform your data through one touch Limitless Results.

We're revolutionizing the way oil and gas/energy manage physical assets.  We data fuse any/all types of data from disparate data sources, provide AI predictive analytics. Data is linked and visualized in a 3D model of the asset seen on earth, using a gamification UI/UX for a user friendly experience.


By bridging the gap of disparate legacy data and modern technology, Visual Globe is solving the paradigm shift that ails big data driven companies. Answering the needs of the business and instant access to information, linked to the most complete set of physical asset attributes regardless of data type, will transform your bottom line, ROI and streamline your process.  Data Freedom of your assets and simplicity at your fingertips.

You can see that we produced 3D CAD/BIM intelligent assets… now, it’s time to move the engineering world over to asset management and operations by utilizing customers internal geo spatial 3D models, GIS and other forms of digital imagery.

Our gamification visualization platform creates 3D “Hot Asset Objects” then to be hyperlinked to asset attributes and IoT sensors.  All done in a single pane of glass. With instant visual access to the data.

Connecting unconnected data using data fusion for predictive health of physical assets with 3D visualization

Our Visualization and data integration platform for asset information management delivers a single source of truth. Does the asset actually exist? Do your records match the real world?

For many, visualization is a common language and aids in the comprehension of information. It improves communications in all life-cycle phase of buildings. Experts have observed that visualization of natively non-visual data for large asset inventories can be a highly and useful cognitive aid for grasping the overwhelming amount of information required for decision making in asset management.

Our purpose is making it easier for enterprises to bring together data from disparate sources and in many different formats, in a secure and compliant manner, enabling analysis in near-real time and adding 3D asset management with geo location visualization insights.  It's time to seriously consider an integration of your many disparate datasets and the technology stacks they run on for optimal operational efficiency to manage your data as well as the physical assets based on location on earth with 3D visualization. We guarantee a permanent cost reduction in many areas within the first year. Our customers have seen technology saving in the $10M+ range in the first year and new capabilities to understand their environment and exposure, use their data assets for analytics, improved customer experience and drastic reduction of maintenance costs.

*Numbers based on research done by Deloitte and HP